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Dry ice cleaning technology

Technology dry ice cleaning machine is an increasingly popular method of cleaning in Poland and in the world. It involves several blowing pressurized atmosphere of carbon dioxide crystals at -78 º C. Crystals striking cleaning surfaces change their state on gas, freezes and splits particles of dirt from the surface being cleaned. With the crystal phase change from the solid carbon dioxide to the gas, the kinetic energy is very small, thus avoiding the destruction and drawing compared to the surface by sanding or cleaning chemicals.

Effect of heat shock

Crystals during the impact of carbon dioxide cleaning surfaces changes into a gas layer and immediately freeze dirt. Arises rapid temperature difference between microlayers removable shell which generates large tensile forces, the size of which depends on the cleaned surfaces, thermal conductivity and expansion coefficient of the material to be cleaned. Thanks to the strength of the upper layers of cracking occurs. In addition, sublimating carbon dioxide increases rapidly in volume causing "mikroeksplozje" which play cracked the top layers of dirt. Forces acting on the dirt and layers you want to delete are so strong that removes up to 99% of impurities and are secure enough that they do not cause damage to the material in the outer layers.

Film showing the difference between blasting and dry ice cleaning:

Advantages of cleaning:

  • Removes heavy and deep soil
  • Environmentally friendly method
  • speed cleaning
  • Reduce machine downtime by 50%
  • Pollution from the machine does not run down the machine
  • Better print quality and purity
  • Reducing the risk of damage to machine components by solvents
  • Extending the life of your machine and the individual elements
  • Relatively easy and safe method especially for mechanisms that we clean

Why us?

We have several years of experience in cleaning with dry ice mainly printing machines, which in its construction include practically all the possible elements and industries.
We have a couple of machines for dry ice cleaning ColdJet brand and its own "mobile" compressor which, if necessary, take with you. Staff people involved from the beginning of the dry ice cleaning has been thoroughly trained and have extensive experience of what elements should be cleaned, and which do not.


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tel. +48 95 729 80 36

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